Tools by Greg Cimms Knives - New York

A former fine-dining chef of ten years. Greg Cimms of GC Knives began his knifemaking journey in pursuit of crafting the world's finest chef knives, driven by a desire to create exemplary versions of the tools he most enjoyed using during his time in the kitchen. Greg's laser-like focus and uncompromising standards for quality and performance lead to stunning, one-of-a-kind culinary tools, each of which is a piece of art made to pass down through generations of cooks. Exacting tolerances and top-quality material selection and creation, pre-requisites of his standing as a certified Journeyman (Blade)Smith, result in house-made san mai steels, damascus steel patterns, and finished products that regularly exceed expectations and perform spectacularly. When a chef loves the knife in their hand, the quality of the dish reflects that love, and the guest enjoys the meal that much more, and this is why Greg makes the knives that he does.