Tools by Casey Vilensky, Lynn Valley Forge - Vancouver

Vancouver, Canada-based bladesmith Casey Vilensky of Lynn Valley Forge meticulously handcrafts custom chef knives in his one-man studio. After two decades in the luxury automotive industry, Casey's focus as a craftsman is on unique kitchen cutlery forged from his own high carbon damascus patterns, ranging from complex mosaics to classic forms. Taking inspiration from both classic Japanese styles as well as his favorite custom makers from across the globe, Casey's knives are built for daily use, and designed to turn heads, with beautifully pinned sayas that match the knife's handle, and attention to every detail. Those handle and saya woods are stabilized by Casey, keeping the entire knifemaking process in-house. With a focus precise heat treatment, every blade has its hardness tested the entire length of the edge using a calibrated digital Rockwell hardness tester.. This uncompromising approach to quality is evident in every knife Casey creates.