Tools by Eliane Leblanc - Massachusetts

A lifelong artisan, artist, and devotee of finely crafted tools, bladesmith Eliane Leblanc creates magnificent, one-of-a-kind chef's knives at her Boston, Massachusetts studio. Eliane's admiration for all variety of precisely crafted cutting tools has united with her love for food and steered her creative endeavors only in the last several years towards knifemaking, yet her work would appear by all accounts to have significantly more experience behind it. That may be due to her journey prior, and the dedication and capability it demonstrates; a 4th-generation woodworker, Eliane's career began not with metal and fire, but with wood and sound. While she did start playing the violin at the age of six, her passion is realized as the world-class violin maker and restoration artist that she has become, teaching, working, and collaborating with musicians around the globe to produce the most beautiful music possible. She graduated top of her class with a Masters from the Mirecourt School of Violin Making in France, and went on to work with some of the top talent in the world. It is this experience, complemented of course by her incredible eye for design, and desire to create at the highest of levels, which places Eliane squarely in the top-tier of culinary knife makers today.