Tools by Oliver Märtens - Germany

Crafting purposefully designed, hand-forged chef's knives at his Berlin studio, German bladesmith Oliver Martens builds function-first cutlery with simple, elegant lines and unabashed utility. A long-time tool mechanic with nearly a decade of metalworking experience, it happened to be a foray into the world of specialty coffee that ultimately led Oliver to knifemaking. With his mechanical background in tow, running a gourmet coffee shop introduced Oliver to Berlin's vibrant culinary world, and these passions were quickly joined together in the form of culinary tool making. Creating his first knife in the kitchen of his coffee shop, he was hooked, and the rest, as they say, is history. Oliver makes under the name OEL Knives, focussing on clean, high-quality carbon steels, sculpted handles with a distinctive and comfortable half-wa, half-yo form, and simple yet sophisticated designs. Perfect for every-day meal prep in kitchens worldwide.