Tools by Nick Anderson - California

Bladesmith Nick Anderson of Nanda Knives in Oakland, California forges world class, sole-authorship chef's knives and cutlery for working and home cooks alike. Tied not to a particular design niche or set of ingredients, Nick's knives do have one thing in common: they are crafted with the utmost care and precision, and finished to the tightest tolerances, to create true works of functional art of the highest quality. Raised in Northern California, it was in Chiang Mai, Thailand where Nick first learned to control metal with fire and a hammer. After five years living abroad, Nick returned to the US where he immersed himself in the vibrant bladesmithing community, and with the support of the artisans around him, he learned to build all of the tools and machinery needed to set up shop and hone is skills. With a lifetime of creative pursuits to draw from, ranging from glass art to bronze sculpture, metal fabrication and jewelry, Nick now teaches bladesmithing in Oakland and crafts extraordinary, one-of-a-kind kitchen knives. Sometimes shaped from carefully designed mosaic damascus steels, sometimes from simple, hand-sanded mono-steels, and always with passion and dedication, Nick's work embodies what we look for at Eatingtools.