Tools by Jackson Rumble - Australia

In the early days, bladesmith Jackson Rumble of Canberra, Australia forged his own damascus using only hand tools. Before that, It was a knifemaking class while still in high school where Jackson discovered what would become his future profession. After finishing school, he worked for a time at a sawmill that provided him invaluable experience with specialized machinery and the beautiful hardwoods of Australia. From there, Jackson worked full time at Tharwa Valley Forge bladesmithing school, crafting culinary knives and teaching knifemaking classes. Most recently, Jackson earned his Journeyman Smith rating, and creates beautiful, handcrafted tools for the kitchen that walk the line between art and tool. Creating unique damascus steel patterns is at the heart of his creative pursuits, while edge and cutting performance drive every decision throughout the process. Jackson carefully develops and tests new formulas, putting each through a series of tests to affirm it matches his standards. Always aiming for clean lines and crisp finishes, Jackson’s work is superb, and just what we look for at Eatingtools.