Tools by Sean Kingston - Indiana

A blacksmith and metalworker for nearly thirty years, Sean Kingston of Kingston Forge crafts both artistic and functional works at his shop in Beech Grove, Indiana. Growing up, Sean accompanied his mother to craft fairs where she sold handmade candles and other objects, and learned from his father, a successful, and in Sean’s words, ‘clever’ machinist. Beginning his career in 1993 as assistant to the talented artist blacksmith Jack Brubaker, who Sean would work with more than once over the coming years, he learned the craft from the ground up, starting with finishing work and progressing to end-to-end production of ornate candle holders and solid steel wine racks. From Brubacker's Nashville shop, Sean spent time honing his skills and doing a variety of work in Memphis at the National Ornamental Metal Museum, and then in Petaluma, California, before venturing back east, with time spent in St Louis, and Colorado among other stops before settling back in Indiana with his family. Set on working for himself and with the knowledge and experience to do so, Sean now crafts the elegant and stunning pizza cutter found here in addition to a wide variety of fine metal work, always with an emphasis on environmental consciousness and sustainability.