Tools by Henning Wilkinson - South Africa

Settling for nothing less than the best, South African bladesmith Henning Wilkinson began making knives over two decades ago and to this day strives to outdo the last piece with each new build. His dedication to creating only the finest work possible shows in each damascus pattern, each hand-sculpted bolster, and each finished knife he produces. Having spent his first years creating the tools and equipment he would need to design and forge his own damascus steel patterns, Henning learned each skill and discipline within knifemaking methodically and purposefully, and he now uses this knowledge and experience to craft sole-authorship art knives and culinary tools at his shop outside of Johannesburg in the town of Sundra. Whether the 9-carot gold maker's mark inlaid into the blade, a decorative bolster-to-handle transition, or the blade's marriage of striking damascus with cutting performance, every detail is the result of a thoughtful and calculated approach.