Tools by Steve Pellegrino - Pennsylvania

The son of a woodworker and grandson of a sheet metal tradesman, bladesmith Steve Pellegrino has been creating with his hands since an early age. Whether experimenting in his father's basement woodshop, or launching homemade rockets (including one which reached 37,000 feet and a velocity of 1,688mph!), Steve's creative, engineering mind pushed boundaries and earned him a degree from the School of Visual Arts in NYC. Then, after graduation and a stint making props, designing sets, and prototyping products, it was a job in Portland, OR with the Portland Razor Co. that introduced Steve to edged tools. Learning to make culinary knives, Steve moved back to Philadelphia where he befriended many chefs, allowing him to take the art of bladesmithing to new heights. He now designs and crafts a variety of chef knives, employing both carbon and stainless steels, a myriad of handle materials, and a collection of blade styles which speak to a broad cross-section of cooks, with utility and performance at the forefront of every decision along the way. Steve's edges are thin and sharp, his balance natural and comfortable, his handles slim and efficient, and his fit-and-finish clean and crisp.