Tools by Joshua White - New Jersey

Born and raised in southern New Jersey where he operates a one-man workshop today, bladesmith Joshua White designs and creates unique, bold, and function-first knives for chefs under the name Cut & Scavenge. The son of a talented woodworker, Josh put the collection of tools he inherited from his father to work as he taught himself the arts of bladesmithing and knifemaking. Prior to focusing his skills on culinary tools, Josh had worked with his hands since childhood, building BMX bikes and constructing custom motorcycles among other endeavors. Now, a trained eye and talented hands incorporate new and unique techniques, material combinations, and design styles into beautiful, purpose-built knives for home cooks and working chefs. From intricately crafted handles to hand forged go-mai blades clad in wrought iron, Josh's work stands out, built to perform, and superbly finished with each detail accounted for.