Tools by Luke Scheepers - Australia

ScheepersBuilt is a family affair, headed by dad, Luke Scheepers, managed by mom, Danae Scheepers, and supported by their two young children. Founded and operated out of the Scheepers' workshop in Brisbane, Australia, Luke's background in architecture and a well-trained eye for design and quality today translate to precision made, high-performance chef knives with bold and unique character. A driving force throughout Luke's career is the notion that "Life's better with good tools," and with motorsport fabrication, building construction, and deep expertise with computer aided design under his belt, the creation of functional art for the kitchen has been a natural evolution. By combining generative design principals, CAD machining, function-first profiles, and handwork from beginning to end, ScheepersBuilt delivers cutting tools with impressive characteristics. Beautiful, often mesmerizing textures, patterns and finishes complement outstanding geometry and balance in blades with thin, sharp, and hard edges, all supported by materials that shine, both on the cutting board, and on display when not preparing the next meal. From bunkas with compound bevel geometry to gyutos in stainless-clad san mai steel, these chef knives are made to use.