Tools by Jim Dobbler - Massachusetts

Growing up in the Midwest surrounded by objects and art from his parent's time living in Okinawa, Japan, artisan Jim Dobbler would later spend nearly two decades living out west exploring the Sierra Nevadas and Rocky Mountains, drawing inspiration from nature and eventually develop a rustic approach to his craft. A self-taught maker, Jim initially discovered knifemaking, but soon thereafter began to forge, shape, and sculpt many other useful objects for the home kitchen, working chef, and collector alike. Always learning, experimenting, testing, and refining. Jim's work has maintained a decidedly wabi-sabi style as it is known in Japan; finding beauty in the imperfection and simplicity of nature. Whether it be a hand-hewn set of titanium chopsticks, a one-of-a-kind pair of plating tweezers, or a refined chef knife for a professional chef, Jim's work is sure to bear the marks and story of its origin