Tools by Maximilian Neukäufler - Austria

Maximilian Neukäufler is Woodman's Finest, and Woodman's Finest in Maximillian, in every sense. From an early age he has sought out nature in its purest forms, enjoying both solitude and the oneness with the Earth it can offer, as well as activities, both solo and group-based, that rely on the natural world as backdrop. From hunting, to fishing, to boating, archery, foraging, camping, wood carving, teaching, and the rest, Maximillian's journey, including extensive travels the world over, have imbued him with an uncanny ability to harness what nature provides us, in a thoughtful, sustainable, unassuming way. Europe's head Toyama Ryu Iaido instructor, and the highest ranking non-Japanese teacher of this sword-based martial art, Maximillian leaves no stone unturned in his quest for peace and meaning in life. Born in Innsbruck, Austria, Maximillian today focuses his many talents on the design and creation of wood and leather objects for the outdoors, as well as the design of carving and other tools that make his wood carving and leatherwork possible.