Tools by Aaron Wilburn - Idaho

The son of a builder and seamstress, ABS Mastersmith Aaron Wilburn was born in California, later settling in Idaho Falls, Idaho with a family of his own. As a teenager Aaron worked in auto shops with his grandfather and uncle, natives of Peru, and this is where his welding and machining skills were first developed. Then, after years working for world-class automotive brands including BMW and Mercedes Benz, Aaron was introduced to knife and damascus making in 2002 by a Florida-based craftsman, and a change in career was cemented. Aligning himself with top makers around the country, Aaron honed his craft until going full-time as a knifemaker in 2012, followed shortly thereafter by his induction to the elite club of Master Bladesmiths in 2013, when he also won the BR Hugh's award for best knife submitted by a new Mastersmith. Today Aaron crafts some of the finest knives you will find, specializing in unique damascus patterns of his own design and incorporating his steels into edged tools and chef knives of a wide variety. Ever improving and evolving, each knife from Aaron's shop is a new study in his craft and an opportunity for creativity and ingenuity.