Tools by Emile Bennett - United Kingdom

Emile Bennett of Lubel Knives began crafting cutlery for the kitchen while living in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc in the French Alps, surrounded by the inspiration that only unbounded natural beauty can provide. In 2021 Emile moved back to South Wales and has constructed a permanent workshop where he continues the development of his craft, building one-of-a-kind knives for chefs around the world. A designer by trade and creative at heart, Emile's chef knives combine purposeful form and utility where every detail is accounted for, both the technical, and visual. Partner to a talented chef and caterer and a long-time cook himself, Emile has worked in and around food his entire life, purchasing his first Japanese gyuto as a teenager, followed shortly thereafter by his dive into whetstone sharpening and edge maintenance. Today, Emile's work combines elements of East and West, shaping blades from san mai steels which often employ Japanese powder steel edges, giving them pronounced and beautiful shinogis, and dressing them with beautifully sculpted handles of natural materials, from wood, to buffalo horn, as well as vintage micarta.