Tools by Martin Huber - Austria

While both his father, a self-employed blacksmith and fabricator, his mother, and his grandfather too, all had metal forging experience when Martin Huber was born, they waited until young Martin had reached the ripe old age of three before first exposing him to the magic of heat and hammers. With metalsmithing in his blood and hand-on lessons beginning as a toddler, this Austrian bladesmith has been shaping metal ever since. In school in Steyr, Austria, the same town in which he was born, Martin's formal training began with four years of blacksmith instruction, a time when he was first introduced to damascus steel. Using his first damascus to create, among other things, a kitchen knife for his mother, one which she uses to this day, Martin's foray into kitchen cutlery had begun. With a bit of post-graduation employment experience under his belt, in 2016 Martin opened his own shop, and has been crafting edged tools ever since. An eye for culinary knives and a desire to put handcrafted objects into the hands of chefs everywhere, Martin and his assistant now design and craft blades for the kitchen from house-made steels, ranging from unique mosaic damascus pattens to ku-mai construction and everything in between, sometimes collaborating with other makers, and always producing unique, one-of-a-kind wares for the kitchen. Martin Huber knives are built to use, combining captivating material combinations and design styles with purpose-driven geometry and finishes.