Tools by Luke Martin, Owl Woodworks - Canada

After years building custom kitchens and wooden furniture full-time, artist Luke Martin of Owl Woodworks made the conscious decision to make woodworking a passion instead of a profession. With his focus now squarely on the objects which inspire him most, namely the stunning, one-of-a-kind cutting boards and professional-quality butcher blocks seen here, chefs and cooks worldwide, like yourself, are the beneficiaries of Luke's craft journey. Named Owl Woodworks because of the nocturnal hours in which much of the work takes place, Luke incorporates both locally sourced and exotic hardwoods into purpose-built boards that feature both beautiful designs based on each wood's natural characteristics, as well as juice grooves, premium rubber feet with stainless hardware, and beneath one end of each board, an half-moon cut-out that allows a standard 10" plate to sit below the cutting surface for the easy movement of ingredients from knife to plate. During the day Luke works as a bomb disposal technician with the Canadian Army, and you'll find the same degree of care, precision, and patience is put into each cutting board he creates, as is required on the job while keeping himself, his colleagues, and us all, safe. From his earliest memories of time spent in the kitchen with his mother, to playing chef for his own family, Luke's love of the kitchen, of food, and of cooking, provide the motivation to make the objects you see here, and through them, Luke's aim is to provide an heirloom-quality object that will be used and loved every day.