Tools by Korben Bloomfield - United Kingdom

Working side-by-side with his brother, also a blacksmith and artisan, Korben Bloomfield of KWB Knives crafts one-of-a-kind tools for chefs at his shop in Kent in England. First discovering the ability to move metal using fire and hammer as a hobby while in grade school, it was soon after college that he dedicated his time to bladesmithing with the express intent to create functional objects as unique as any in the world. As Korben puts it, "I never take the easy route as a maker." His first homemade damascus was a complex mosaic, and today he forges striking chef's knives by hand from steel formulas for which his brother often makes the starting billet in close collaboration. In a shop he built from the ground up as well as many of the tools and machines it houses, Korben's knives often feature beautifully sculpted integral bolsters, comfortable, purposefully shaped handles of wood stabilized in-house, and blades of strikingly etched finishes that boast superb geometry and workhorse utility. Delivered with display stands and custom wooden boxes, each object from the man behind KWB Knives is a wonderful marriage of form and function.