Tools by Peter Swarz-Burt - Hawaii

Crafting knives by hand for three decades, Peter Swarz-Burt is known throughout the bladesmithing community for his homemade steels and hand-forged wootz blades. Preparing to form steel from the base elements of carbon and iron, Peter's dive into the realms of metallurgy began in 1999, and starting in 2001 his experimentation with the creation of small-batch, high-carbon forgeable blade materials began in earnest. Since then he has made hundreds, some ingots as large as seven kilograms, and used them to forge a variety of cutting tools and blade styles. Today, working with both his own wootz as well as pattern welded steel, Peter designs and crafts chef's knife in which utility always comes first, and aesthetics second. Albeit a close second. Simple, clean, functional designs are finished with care and precision from premium materials that results in beautiful and well-rounded culinary tools.