Tools by Noah Vachon, Vachon Knives - Canada

A maker through and through, the first piece Noah Vachon made was a song as a teenager. He was 13 when he began playing the guitar, and writing music, art that kept his creative juices flowing through high school and college. Having moved to Toronto from Montreal to pursue his dreams, Noah formed a band, booked gigs, and toured Eastern Canada. At 25, with the strains of making a living as a musician catching up with him, he made a turn, trained intensively with a master luthier, and began making guitars. As his woodworking skills advanced Noah took guitar repair jobs to pay the bills, and then broadened his repertoire to include some custom cabinetry and furniture work; this is when he realized it was making, creating, in whatever form it took, that inspired him most. Moving back to Montreal with his girlfriend-turned-wife in the early 2010's Noah enrolled in school once again, this time for Industrial Design, learning to work with a variety of materials and honing his skills at all levels. After a brief and unfulfilling stint designing mass produced objects, the stars aligned and he discovered knifemaking. The rest is history. With years of kitchen work under his belt combined with the fresh degree and experience in woodworking, Noah delved into knifemaking, first teaching himself through any means necessary, and later through courses and comradery with other world-class knifemakers. Today, Noah crafts exquisite chef's knives from a range of steels and styles that keep him pushing boundaries and learning from each new project. Hand-forged damascus made in-house, stock-reduction stainless steel, and everything in between can be found in Noah's collection of work, and we're thrilled to have him here in the Eatingtools family.