Tools by Fingal Ferguson - Ireland

One of the fifth generation of Ferguson's to work the family's farm, Gubbeen, in south-west Ireland, Fingal Ferguson's time is spent in his knifemaking shop when he's not breeding livestock, making charcuterie, working the local farmer's markets, or being a doting father to his five young children. Fingal traces his appreciation for knives to his Uncle Harry who gifted him a collection of edged tools from around the world when Fingal was a boy, a collection for which a lack of care in his younger years necessitated the ability to bring them back to life as he grew. From resuscitating these old heirlooms, Fingal moved on to knife kits, and then, with a fast-growing passion for the craft, he began making knives from beginning to end. As a butcher on the family farm, his early knives were quickly put to the test, and Fingal's abilities as a maker grew. He began to work with and learn from other makers around Ireland and the UK, refining his skills and building his repertoire. His studio grew at the same time, with new doors on the shop to keep his mother's chickens out Fingal was able to add larger and more powerful tools that help him bring to life the ideas in his head. Today, Fingal's work is sought after by chefs and cooks around the world who appreciate his approach to functional tools, unique style, wide-ranging mix of materials, and his warm, welcoming, and enthusiastic personality. It's an honor to share Fingal Ferguson chef knives with you here at Eatingtools.