Tools by Tobias Hangler - Austria

With a Master's Degree in Metallurgy and over a dozen year's experience in the field, Tobias Hangler has helped develop leading new tool steels from the ground up, proprietary heat treatment and hardening processes, tooling and equipment for the making of knives, and much more. While his journey began with real-world experience, forming metal with heat and force beginning in 2006, the more knowledge Tobias gained the more questions he had and the intrigue grew; he enrolled in Montan University in Leoben in order to connect science to the craft he loved, and went on to focus on theoretical studies around metallurgy. A Founder of the GoldVein Culinary project along with David Wolkerstorfer and Eatingtools' Abe Shaw, Tobias was one of the first metalsmiths in the world to successfully bond pure gold with carbon steel in not just a visually striking way, but with an approach technically integral to the construction and function of the knife's blade in which it is used. Working from his shop outside of Graz, Austria, not far from where he grew up, Tobi is passionate about every aspect of bladesmithing and metal artistry, insisting that every aspect of a culinary tool he crafts be as close to perfect as possible. From the thermomechanical hot rolling of steel blades to fluidized sand bed heat treatments, and marquenching, the grain structure at a knife's edge is of paramount importance in each creation, and the cornerstone of his finished products. Almost always beginning with hammer and anvil, the same way blades of 1000 years ago were shaped, Tobias' work speaks for itself, whether intricately shaped from homemade damascus or ground with convex geometry from the ApexUltra steel which he worked to develop for the global knifemaking community, his work stands apart. It's a distinct honor to work with Mr Hangler here at Eatingtools.