Tools by Tim Lucas - Connecticut

A master of his craft, Tim Lucas of Lucas Fabrications has spent time shaping metal and welding for the automotive, pharmaceutical, aerospace, and nuclear industries. The great, great grandson of a blacksmith, Tim has had metal crafts in his blood from the beginning, first learning to weld just after high-school, and now raises his teenage son in a continuation of this family endeavor. A career welder, Tim’s natural abilities in metal work, his technical skills, and repertoire of experience have expanded over the years. Early on, Tim pursued education in metal forming and went on to restore and shape metal for priceless classic cars. As he shifts focus toward precision objects for the home that combine function and art, Tim has taken aim at the niche metalworking areas of spinning, a highly specialized operation not often seen at small, bespoke scale, and hand forging, a combination that allows him to create luxurious tools for cooks and kitchens without equal. Based in Southern Connecticut, Tim’s passion draws from the knowledge that his creations will provide joy and memories for those lucky enough to cook with one of his tinned copper pans. It’s an honor to debut Tim’s incredible work here at Eatingtools.