Tools by Yanick Puig - France

A lover of edged tools since childhood, Yanick Puig began forging metal as a teenager, learning from his uncle, a life-long blacksmith. Yanick forged his first blades in 1999 and honed his craft working for several companies as well as providing his services to restoration work done on French historical monuments. With the fully stocked workshop of his day job at his disposal, Yanick was able to practice the art of damascus making and expand the repertoire of his personal projects. Only while building the house he now lives in did he take time off from crafting knives, dedicating his time both before and after that home project to the culinary art we are now proud to represent here on Eatingtools. Yanick sees himself as a lifelong student, always aspiring to improve, to expand his abilities, and to produce the best product possible. Designing and building knives for the kitchen that are above all functional, never sacrificing utility for form, Yanick thrives on the discipline, research, and care required to produce finely tuned tools meant for daily use by chefs who demand performance and appreciate the best. It's an honor to make Yanick's work available to our customers.