Tools by Florentine Kitchen Knives - Spain

Founded in 2012 by industrial designer Tomer Botner, Florentine Kitchen Knives is based in Barcelona, Spain and specializes in chef knife and culinary tool design and small-batch production. Originally from the Florentine neighborhood of south-west Tel Aviv, Tomer Botner works with restaurants and chefs around the world and designs beautifully balanced high-performance cutlery for cooks everywhere. Produced in small batches, often limited to 100-200 pieces of a given model, each knife is assembled and finished by hand. From Tomer's inaugural design, the Florentine One, to the Hometown Collection released in 2015, the Florentine Two with its polished brass accents released in 2016, and the stunning new Florentine Three for 2017, he is quickly making a mark on the world of kitchen cutlery, and for good reason.