Tools by Blanc Creatives - Virginia

Based in Charlottesville, Virginia on the US East Coast, founder Corry Blanc and his team at Blanc Creatives build cookware and other culinary accessories by hand with an eye for simple beauty and a commitment to quality. Crafted to last generations, the hand-forged Sauté pans and Premium Bottle Openers we offer, as with their entire collection of tools for the kitchen and dining room, are forged in small batches and finished one at a time. Sauté pans come pre-seasoned and like many high-quality steel and iron pans, can be seasoned and re-seasoned and cooked with in any number of ways for endlessly delicious meals. A guarantee of lifelong satisfaction means the team at Blanc Creatives along with our own customer service at Eatingtools are always available for questions related to your Blanc wares. We're proud to offer these premium culinary tools which are available for immediate shipment anytime you find them on our website.