Tools by Dan Prendergast - England

Bladesmith Dan Prendergast works out of an ancient forge in the Gloucestershire Cotswolds in south central England. Creating sole-authorship chef knives for the past decade, Dan's approach to the craft is informed by his rather impressive and extensive resume of metalwork which includes time spent making piano pedal springs, bell clappers, copper hop boilers, art handling equipment for the National Gallery, as well as ironwork conservation and restoration projects in prominent locations such as Kensington Palace and the Cantebury Catherdral, to name a few. With a focus squarely on function, Dan employs simple, clean, high-quality carbon steels, sustainable woods and traditional techniques to build his culinary knives, resulting in a simple, beautiful aesthetic and an wonderful and organic finished product that embodies the storied history of the tools perfectly, as ancient as the forge he crafts them in.