Tools by Black Swan Handmade - Virginia

Each handcrafted kitchenware and culinary utensil in the Black Swan Handmade collection is designed and created by artist Park Swan, working alongside his wife Leslie and dog Maple of the Park Swan Team at their Virginia studio. An experienced sculptor, Park was drawn to the idea of producing objects which would be used and loved and first transitioned from making decorative and art-only pieces with the launch of Park Woodshop several years ago. Then, with his desire to incorporate a variety of materials in to his designs including copper, steel and titanium, Park Woodshop evolved to become Black Swan Handmade. Using responsibly sourced materials, from domestically grown and sustainably harvested woods to American-made metals, each item is designed, tested and made by hand by Park from start to finish with the goal of leaving behind the smallest possibly footprint while producing the highest possible quality. A process as rare as the Black Swan.