Tools by Benjamin Kamon - Austria

Austrian bladesmith Benjamin Kamon of Kamon Knives has surrounded himself with edged tools for most of his life. When he began cooking as a teenager, blades and their various usage techniques provided intrigue and Ben became quite proficient. It was this experience that led to, and continues to inform, the unique and stellar tools, from 100mm tall cleavers to extraordinary gyutos, he now builds by hand for chefs around the world. Ben focuses on performance for daily use in every blade he creates. Employing simple, clean carbon steels, water-cooled grinds, compound bevel geometry, and extremely fine edges, combined with simple yet eye-catching finishes, each knife is made to exacting standards. And perhaps the most unique aspect of Ben's work are the octagonal handles which are fastened with bolts and can be removed for maintenance. Hidden beneath every knife's handle you will find the blade’s specifications, including steel grade, hardness, and production date, engraved on the tang.