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  • The Surprising History of Spoons

    A look at the colorful and often eccentric history of what may be the world's most ubiquitous eating utensil, the spoon. Written by Amanda Arnold, originally published on Elettra Wiedemann's Impatient Foodie.

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  • Art Flavor by Roberto Cortez

    In a preview of his upcoming book Senses in Sucrose: The Art of Emotions in Sweet Form (on Kickstarter now), Chef Roberto Cortez looks deeply in to the dining experience and the emotions which a chef has the power to elicit.

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  • First Bite by Author Bee Wilson

    Bee Wilson, food writer, historian, and author of Consider The Fork, shares insights from her most recent book titled First Bite: How We Learn To Eat.

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  • On The Road: Visiting Our California Artists

    Traveling the California coast from LA to The Bay, Abe dines with Tim Roberts of Glyph Design, hammers steel with Don Carlos Andrade, tours Laura Rittenhouse's woodoworking studio, and marvels over Stephen Fitz-Gerald's home-turned-gallery.

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  • Don Carlos Andrade: Inspiring Cooks with World-Class Knives

    A trained chef, sculptor, and blacksmith, knife maker Don Carlos Andrade has been creating some of the finest kitchen knives available for over a decade. His blades can be found in the kits of both amateur and professional chefs around the world.

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