Buffalo Mist Sujihiki 290mm

Whether the menu calls for delicate and precise cuts of sashimi, or slice after slice of brisket for adoring fans, both the sushi chef and pit-master alike will be roused and energized by this one-of-a-kind, sword-like sujihiki crafted by bladesmith Jerarmie Heywood. Known as Jezz, this talented and creative Newcastle, Australia-based artisan has forged the 290mm / 11.4" blade from a striking and unique san mai steel formula that he developed in-house, resulting in an extraordinary, misty, and profound etched finish unlike any other. Weighted more like that of a 'meat sword' with an extended and thick spine and convex bevels that maintain strength and balance from tip to heel, the long, near-but-not-completely-flat edge is sharp and thin, while the forward-facing section of the triangular tip has not been given an edge, adding to the level of control afforded its user. To give this stunning tool an unforgettable feel in the hand is a long, unique handle, flat on top and bottom and rounded along both sides, sculpted from buffalo horn in front, a wonderfully textured micarta-like composite in the back, a spacer of leather separating the two, and an artfully carved bone element at the rear. 

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Based in the town once known as Australia’s ‘Steel City,’ bladesmith and steel whisperer Jerarmie Heywood of Oblivion Blades, who goes by Jezz, crafts high-performance chef knives and exclusive knife-making steels by hand. As a former professional chef, whether combining copper with wrought iron and Japanese powder steel alloys, or pattern-welding Western carbon steels to form a new damascus, each billet Jezz creates is informed by his deep knowledge of the attributes required of a daily-use culinary blade. 

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Blade length: 290mm / 11.4". Overall length: 545mm / 21.5". Blade width 1" in front of heel: 3.9mm. Blade width 1" from tip: 3.1mm. Blade height at heel: 44mm. Weight: 14oz / 396g.
Blade: Hitachi Blue No.2 core with carbon steel cladding. Handle: Buffalo horn ferrule, leather spacer, composite, and carved bone.
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