TiStix Titanium Chopsticks

The TiStix V1 styles you see here are no longer being made. We have just introduced the new, polished and striking TiStix V2 Titanium Chopsticks and invite you to shop the six introductory styles here

We welcome you to shop remaining stock of these older styles; with limited inventory remaining of the styles on this page, we have lowered the price on in-stock TiStix V1 titanium chopsticks for a limited time.

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The Story

Weighted and balanced perfectly, the polished lower section tapers slowly to a thin rounded tip with a sandblasted section to help easily grasp every morsel. Above, a series of grooves provides grip and a recognizeable and unmistakable design. Exquisitely fashioned from artist Alan Folts' original design, TiStix are the perfect way to turn any meal into an eating experience worth remembering. 

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9.375" long, 0.25" wide. Weighs 1.7oz per pair.
USA-made 6AL4V grade-5 Titanium
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customer reviews

Eating Tools - The Trusted Name in High Quality Culinary and Ser Kian tong T, United Arab Emirates

I chanced upon Eating Tools out of curiosity in seeking Titanium chopsticks. Being new and skeptical about online purchases, I was in touch with Abe via email. I have never purchased anything online (except airtickets) and it was the patient and professional followup of Abe which made me obliged to give online purchase a try.

I bought Ti-Sushi and TiStix during my birthday via USPS and things went extraordinarily wrong, perhaps due to my option to mail by normal USPS delivery.

Long story short, the items were resent to my home country, under the care of my best friend. The items were mishandled (scratched) by the delivery people and Abe took GREAT effort and generosity to resend a second set to me at UAE.

I cannot believe my eyes when I opened the chopsticks to witness that what I see is what I get. The products simply look and feel gorgeous and distinctive. The arrival of the chopsticks suggests that I have made the right choice!

The TiSushi set was engineered (screw thread) and well-crafted with due care and precision, and the feel of it is simply different from the stainless steel ones I currently have. The TiStix (polished and cobalt colors) are so tastefully crafted and i must say, I couldn't bear to use them (only used once).

As a hobbyist / collector of different types of chopsticks, I must admit that both Ti-Sushi and TiStix chopsticks are worth every single cent for the design, make and quality.

In terms of service quality, Eating Tools has demonstrated their quality reputation, which has reaffirmed my trust (as a conservative consumer).

Being the tertiary educator in services management and marketing, I will unreservedly give a 5-star rating to Eating Tools, and Kudos to the Founder - Abe!

Thank you once again for the cross-cultural customer handling approach, which is very rare in the highly commercialized and modern society. Please continue to offer similarly unique products.

Also, do keep me posted when your TiSushi polished and wasabi bowl set are available. I am also very keen to purchase a matching Titanium spoon and fork for my frequent traveling needs. This time, I shall select UPS.

Thank you for making my day to have the opportunity to own such beautiful products / art pieces!

200% Satisfied David G., California

I am 200% satisfied with this sex and pretty pair of TiStix. The color is smooth and soft. And the whole body is solid. When i pick up the pair, i can feel the quality. It is also easy to use. BTW the customer service is damn good. Love this store!

Well crafted お箸。 Kiba, Japan

I have been looking for a pair of titanium お箸 here in Japan for a while now but have always been disappointed with some of the missing features that are almost requirements when working with this type of material.

Eatingtools.com + Alan Folts came up on an Instagram post (big brother must be tracking) and I learned about the TiStix from there. A key feature for my decision to buy these were the sandblasted tip with the solid core being a wonderful nice-to-have. The bonus to the shopping experience was Abe’s responsiveness to questions I had over email and the quickness of shipping / delivery to Japan from the USA.

The お箸 are well balanced and have an overall good “middle ground” length being an average female and male hand sizes (this is how we size them in Japan). For those who are familiar with the proper Japanese table manners, the TiStix are quite natural to use but for those who find themselves regularly nibbling on the tips (like my partner does no matter how many times I give him a judging eye), just remember that these are metal and you might chip a tooth! Having said that, I am also cautious about given them to him to use with porcelain or ceramic dishes and deliberately only pairing them with meals served in cast iron, plastic or wood. (I also have used them for plating meals if they do not end up being nominated for actual meal place settings.)

For colours, I purchased both the cobalt for me and the purple rain for him. I am still a bit torn about the colour choice I made between the cobalt and the graphite. Graphite is more of my colour but I was worried about how much of the purple tones might have shown through making it too similar to the purple rain.

Adore these chopsticks Charles B., Florida

I just adore these chopsticks (bought two pair and will be buying more for friends). You can get cheaper titanium chopsticks elsewhere (and I have several versions), but the cheap ones are hollow and are made without any love or care. These are different … these are solid, heavier, and Abe put some serious thought in their design. The ridges allow for a perfect grip without having to ‘squeeze’ to hold on (they don’t get slippery or move around) and the ‘rough’ tips are amazingly ‘grippy’ while feeling great to the mouth (you really don’t experience them as being ‘rough’). My friends and family thought I was little crazy for bringing these to my weekly sushi adventure, but once I let them use them, they are now jealous. They might still think be strange, as I use them for spaghetti night … and chicken night … and for salad … and fruit … did I mention I love these things?! With the exceptional design, you can pick up a single grain of rice as easily as a huge piece of sushi – it is truly wonderful. I have big hands and my friends have little hands – everyone loves them and everyone says they are incredibly comfortable (I was worried because they look thin, but they are a perfect thickness related to the weight). As if the design and quality of these chopsticks wasn’t enough, Abe has the most incredible customer service skills and will check up on your experience (and actually answers his emails!). Elegant chopsticks, amazing customer service, and jealously from all your friends – what a perfect combination!

Premium Feel Kevin, West Virginia

I received these titanium chopsticks as part of a giveaway on Instagram and I have to say I'm very impressed with their quality. They have a nice weight to them which gives them a premium feel. Mine are bronze which is a great, understated color. Originally buying chopsticks as a gift hadn't crossed my mind but the way these feel and their out-of-box presentation would really serve as a great present.

Years of quality service John O'Brien, New Bedford, MA

I ordered 2-pair, blue and green for my wife and i... it must be at least 6 or 7 years ago, straight from Mr. Folts and they are great! The anodizing has faded a bit, but that's probably due to putting them in the dishwasher, which i don't think is recommended.

a couple of years ago while at a restaurant with friends... someone walked off with my green Ti Stix and i had to immediately order a new pair.

Beyond my expectation D Lee, California

I received the package and I was amazed with the quality of the chopsticks.The TiStix really is beyond my expectation. It's well balanced and comfortable to hold.

Well-designed and great service Brandon L, San Francisco

Comfortable to hold, well-balanced, and exquisitely designed. I purchased these for daily use, and definitely recommend these chopsticks for anyone looking to upgrade their utensils.

Also, very quick to answer when I had a question with my order.

Superb Maurice, Florida

The product is superb! I'm a stickler for fine products and you guys surpassed my expectations. Thank you for reaching out.

Btw, I hate emails so getting my feedback means I really, really; unequivocally like the product.

\ TiStix // Phil, Brooklyn

I purchased a pair for my girlfriend and now want a pair for myself. I work with titanium as an engineer, and these eating tools are amazingly crafted. Highly recommended, everyone I've shown is impressed!

Excellent product, beautifully crafted Joe, New Jersey

I bought two of the rainbow pairs, and I have to say I'm extremely impressed at just how great they appear. The feel of them for use as well is comfortable, the textured tip is practical. Definitely the best chopsticks I've used.

best metal chopsticks Liu, Taiwan

As a Asian, I have been using chopsticks since childhood. These are the best metal chopsticks i have ever handled.

Superior product and excellent customer service Chris N, PNW

Beautifully crafted chopsticks and first rate customer service. If there's any issues with your order, they'll treat you right and take care of you.

Great! Ian, California

These look great, they're fun to eat with, and they work well! Bought for my SO as a gift and she is very happy with them.

Awesome Chopsticks Chris Rebolledo, Chicago

I have seen these sticks and eyed them for a while. These are perfectly balance, and beautifully made. The anodized portion is a brilliant dark blue. I have seen many forums that Alan Fortis writes in and, it there are any blemishes with the anodizing he will retouch them for you! How cool is that? These are great for everyday.

Love them Kira, Massachusettes

They arrived quickly and I love them. The textured tips are great.

TiStix Alexander Ø, Denmark

I just got two sets of this great chopsticks, and i really like them, fits perfect in my hand, looks awesome, and is in my opinion one of the best thing you can buy if you like to eat with chopsticks

a great gift idea Rebecca, Brooklyn

Bought these for a friend for the holidays! He loved them. I chose blue, can't go wrong with blue. Also an easy gift to put in a suitcase if you are travelling! Abe was so helpful in shipping these to me fast. Wonderful!

Beautiful eating tool Mary, Florida

I bought these in the bronze color. They have a good weight to them and feel great in the hand. The tips are rough which makes picking up food easy. They arrived very quickly and customer service was great!

TiStix Cathryn A, FL

I ordered the plain TiStix as a birthday present and my boyfriend loves them! The price was by far the best that I could find for titanium chopsticks anywhere on the Internet. These chopsticks have a very nice balance and I really love that the tips have a different finish than the rest of the chopsticks that make it easier to pick up food.

TiStix Scot, Horseheads, NY

I ordered three sets of TiStix from Eating Tools for my family. The TiStix are amazingly beautiful. It is one thing to look at the pictures online, but when you hold them and see them in person you get a much better understanding of how unique they are. Also the service from Eating Tools is top notch, friendly and fast shipping. I couldn't be happier. Thank you.