Karee Kaleidoscope Chef 250mm

Long, balanced, flexible toward the tip, slim and sharp at the edge, and with subtle compound 'S-grind' bevel geometry for food release and performance on the cutting board, the exquisite blade of this Henning Wilkinson damascus chef knife is just the beginning. As the kaleidoscope pattern damascus, consistent and striking from tip to heel, begins its transition into the integral bolster, a fine silver inlay is found on either side of the knife, just behind the 18k gold maker's mark on the left, adding a simply elegant touch to the tool. Behind the silver bands begins the elongated bolster of Henning's basketweave pattern damascus facing outward, with the cross-section pattern of the blade tang's kaleidoscope pattern visible above and below. Finally, the bolster transitions to a comfortable and simple sculpted piece of African Karee wood to complete the handle. Sturdy enough to be a daily workhorse with enough material behind the edge for tougher cuts, yet long and slim enough for effortless slicing, a piece of culinary art to hold, and behold. 

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Having spent his first years creating the tools and equipment he would need to design and forge his own damascus steel patterns, Henning Wilkinson learned each skill and discipline within knifemaking methodically and purposefully, and he now uses this knowledge and experience to craft sole-authorship art knives and culinary tools at his shop in Sundra, South Africa. Whether the 9-carot gold maker's mark inlaid into the blade, a decorative bolster-to-handle transition, or the blade's final geometry, every detail is the result of a thoughtful and calculated approach with which Henning aims to outdo the last piece with each new build. Specializing in house-made damascus steels and always pushing himself to the limits of his abilities, Henning's knives are part art, part tool, and one hundred percent uniquely his. 

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Blade length: 250mm / 9.8". Overall length: 380mm / 15.0". Blade width 1" in front of heel: 3.0mm. Blade width 1" from tip: 1.1mm. Blade height at heel: 48mm. Weight: 9.2oz / 262g.
Blade: House-made Kaleidoscope-pattern mosaic carbon damascus. Handle: Karee wood with integral basketweave pattern mosaic damascus bolster and fine silver inlays.
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