Sapele W2 Gyuto 240mm

Meticulously crafted and beautifully finished, a one-of-a-kind gyuto from Don Nguyen based on his original prototype profile and built with an unwavering attention to detail. Beginning life as a 0.25" (6.35mm) bar of W2 carbon steel, Don refers to the knife as a 'Fat Gyuto' in his thoughtful and inspiring Work in Process post that details the knife's design, complex blade geometry, and construction from heel to tip.

A 5.25mm blade width at the heel quickly tapers to 3mm half way down the spine, and just 1.75mm one inch from the tip, for a balanced knife with such a natural feel in the hand. Polished to 1200 grit, then etched, and further polished with a series of stone, oil and silicon carbide powders, the final finish is silky and smooth, showing off the beautiful hamon achieved through Don's precise hardening process which includes multiple normalization and quench cycles.

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The Story

Don Nguyen, engineer and maker, creates tools that are second-to-none. Recently graduated from the University of Arizona where he helped design and build high-performance custom race cars, Don builds chef knives with strikingly similar characteristics: unique and recognizable aesthetic profiles in which geometry, precision craftsmanship and uncompromising functionality are absolute requirements. This Sapele W2 Gyuto 240mm is a shining example of Don's vision that features a departure from his typical handle designs while bringing together all of the elements that make a sole-authorship chef knife truly world class. 

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Blade length: 240mm / 9.45". Overall length: 15". Blade width at the heel: 5.75mm. Blade width 5" from tip: 3mm. Blade width 1" from tip: 1.75mm. Blade height at heel: 48m. Weight: 7.4oz / 209g.
W2 carbon steel, etched and polished. Sapele handle with paper ivory micarta spacer.
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customer reviews

A steal Bradley A, Grande Prairie

This knife is absolutely beautiful!
The handle is a work of art onto itself, the blade is a laser.
This knife feels incredible in the hand and beautifully balanced. This is my first knife from Don Nguyen but won't be my last. If money were no onject I'd already own the other two on this site!

Gonna enjoy this knife for years to come.

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