Chef's EDK Apartment Set

A handmade, satin finished, carbon steel chef’s set for preparing any meal in a small kitchen. Don Carlos Andrade's years as a formally trained chef provide much of the inspiration for each knife he makes, and this purpose-driven set designed to provide all of the cutting power and versatility needed to prepare every dish in tight quarters is a perfect example. A slim, low-profile and strong paring knife with a tip that means business is perfect for detail oriented and handheld tasks, with the geometry for jobs that demand a bit more torque at the same time. The larger EDK, or Every Day Kitchen chef's knife, is the go-to blade for virtually any task, from rocking on the board to slicing proteins, with a conved blade grind and hard, sharp edge. Vintage black and green micarta handles are fastened using a mosaic pin and two stainless steel pins. Cloth covered protective sayas are included and can be kept tied together, or carried separately. 

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Having spent years working long hours in kitchens after completing culinary school, Don Carlos Andrade's designs, blade geometry and sense of balance in both form and function are dictated by his deep knowledge of what he knows a chef requires in the kitchen. The Chef's Apartment Set is a beautiful example of Don's ability to create a (or in this case, two) knives that act as a beckoning call, an invitation to those using them, to prepare food with and for those around them, bringing friends and family together in the kitchen to enjoy meals and foster thoughtful food preparation. 

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PARING / CHEF - Blade Length: 95mm / 140mm. Overall: 205mm / 265mm. Blade width at heel: 2.9mm / 2.7mm. Blade with 1" from tip: 1.7mm / 1.6mm. Blade height at heel: 25mm / 43mm. Weight: 84g / 152g.
Paring Blade:: 52100 carbon steel. Chef Blade: 1095 carbon steel. Paring & Chef Handle: Vintage green & black micarta with mosaic & stainless steel pins.
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Chef's EDK Apartment Set