Who We Are, and How We Got Here

Inspired by the finely crafted tools built at the hands of friends in and around custom knife making, and with a love of all things food, Abe Shaw began forging a collection of culinary tools and custom chef knives unlike any other.

Collecting and working with custom and handmade knives for over a decade prior to founding Eatingtools in 2012, Abe developed a deep respect and admiration for the artists, metalsmiths, woodworkers, and craftspeople behind the endless interpretations of these ancient tools that feed us—the most intimate tools in our lives. They needed a showcase, And Eatingtools was born.

The curated collection of unique and extraordinary handmade culinary utensils you'll find here, along with a hand-picked selection of top quality production-made pieces, represents a catalog of products never before assembled in one place. Many of these products can only be found here.

Food, cooking, craftsmanship, and art are our ingredients. There is no substitute for having the right tool for the job, and we promise to bring you just that. We think you'll agree that the food-loving visionaries behind each of our products have an eye for the tools we use every day.

With over seven years of Eatingtools relationships and experience, in 2019 Abe launched Living Steel 626, a collaborative endeavour with top artsans to create the world's finest small-batch chef knives and kitchen accessories.

Below is a collection of snapshots of Abe with various makers, enjoying meals, exploring workshops, and even forging a bit of steel himself:

Bryan Raquin, Nick Anger, Will Griffin and Abe bonding at Will's Brooklyn studio.
Casey Vilensky of Lynn Valley Forge with Abe in the Eatingtools office.
Bryan Raquin and Abe share a laugh at Bryan's home in Central France.
Josh White and Abe in the Eatingtools office.
Joel Andersson and Adisa Copra of Andersson Copra enjoy a brunch buffet in Gothenburg, Sweden.
Silversmith Tchin gives a personal demonstration during Abe's visit to his studio.
Nick Anger overseeing Abe's attempt to forge a damascus chef knife at The Center For Metal Arts.
Abe raising a glass with Jon, James, Richard and the Blenheim Forge team during a visit to their Peckham, South London shop.
Will Griffin hand-sands a blade at his Red Hook, Brooklyn studio while Abe slyly photographs from above.
Steffen Toksvig and Abe, happy and satisfied after a meal together in Manhattan.
Abe's candid photo of Tobbe Lundstrom with Per Jarbelius and Fredrik Persson of Damasteel in Chicago.
Don Carlos Andrade and Abe at Don's shop in California. Friend's for over a decade, Abe owns the first chef knife Don ever made (circa 2006).
Roland Lannier outside his workshop in Thiers, France after an amazing home-cooked meal with Abe and Roland's team.
Stephen Fitz-Gerald with 12-Guage Steel Ladle at this shop in California during one of Abe's recent visits.
Rick Petko, Salem Straub and Abe take impromptu reflection selfie in the Cloud Gate in Chicago.
Having a beer with Mikael Grondahl of Piotr the Bear in Stockholm, Sweden.
A snowy visit to Damasteel's shop in Soderfors, Sweden. This mill was originally established in 1676.
Reed Moore of Red Forgeworks with Abe during a visit in Brooklyn.
Dan Prendergast inspects a blade while he and Abe share a beer in Bath, England.
James Oatley, Salem Straub, and Steffen Toksvig showing off the goods at the Damasteel Chef Invitational in Chicago.
Keegan Uhl of One Star Leather Works as he and Abe share an amazing meal in Los Angeles.
Terry Widner of Spoontaneous gifted Abe this beautiful spoon when they met in Florida.