Who We Are, and How We Got Here

Inspired by the finely crafted tools built at the hands of friends in and around custom knife making, and with a love of all things food, Abe Shaw began forging a collection of culinary tools unlike any other.

Collecting and working with custom and handmade knives for over a decade, Abe has developed a deep respect and admiration for the artists, metalsmiths, woodworkers, and craftspeople behind the endless interpretations of these ancient tools that feed us—the most intimate tools in our lives. They needed a showcase, And Eating Tools was born.

The curated collection of unique and extraordinary handmade culinary utensils you'll find here, along with a hand-picked selection of top quality production-made pieces, represents a catalog of products never before assembled in one place. Many of these products can only be found here.

Food, cooking, craftsmanship, and art are our ingredients. There is no substitute for having the right tool for the job, and we promise to bring you just that. We think you'll agree that the food-loving visionaries behind each of our products have an eye for the tools we use every day.